“Innovation through Passion”

We are 22 Digital

We are a small but mighty digital agency that helps startups and established companies plan, design and build digital products.
We believe design is the key to success, so we focus on execution and the important little details.


A snap shot of recent work

  • We approached 22 digital to help create a brand for our newly formed construction company, following the success of the branding project we then instructed them to build our company website. I found them to be super creative and worked magic with my very limited brief. I was over the moon with the final branding and my website has received some really positive feedback that has helped promote my business and build my client base. I will definitely be using him again in the future.

  • The team at 22Digital have offered a highly professional and responsive service. They have worked to tight and often shifting deadlines. They excel in creativeness and always come up with practical solutions and diverse ideas, utilising new and emerging technology. Most importantly the warmth and friendliness of the team makes working with them a pleasure!

    Additionally their input on how best to develop the site has been invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

  • The perfect mix of art and technology. And some good international business savvy as well. That’s how I would best describe Dan and how he works. I worked with Dan for over two years at Hotels.com on what turned out to be the massive project that was our global digital rebrand. Rebranding everything in the digital space required a lot of coordination between user experience (my department), merchandising (his department) and CRM and Dan was a key stakeholder and participant who helped to craft and coordinate how the new brand could be executed in all markets within merchandising. He was always helpful, insightful, collaborative and communicative with both the internal merchandising team and the core rebranding stakeholders, enabling a good system to be put in place for the designers and the agencies they worked with. Ever easygoing yet professional and able to look at design solutions from both a design and technology point of view, he always turns out quality design products for his stakeholders and clients.

  • Dan represents the next wave of ‘all-digital’ designers. After working together for 7 years, I can ratify he masters the digital realm like few others. Coming from the art world he has a keen eye for aesthetic, combined with a solid knowledge of programming. This combination makes him a real jewel on every project.

    His knowledge of UX/UI is based on many years of experience building digital products. From the times when Flash was still hip to today’s reality of highly scalable interfaces covering a wide range of platforms, Dan has done it all.

    Best of all, he does all this with humor, optimism and a work ethic that could serve as an inspiration for others.

    So dear reader of this recommendation, do not hesitate to hire Dan for your next project!

  • Dan is one of the people I enjoyed working with most. It might be that I love design myself that much but I think it’s a little bit more.
    He does understand that the way to success is not a one way story but an ongoing process in an moving environment.
    Working on projects with him did really gave us the clients view and a feeling of not being only a vendor but a part of the project.
    He is a real teamlplayer being able to motivate everyone from the vision until the end.
    As a passionated digital professional he does see opportunities and business potentials while brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the best things to do with him I always enjoyed it.

    The most amazing thing on all this is that he does handle everything even in hectic situations with humor and respect to the people. Which makes him different in the business.

    If you need a professional designer with a brilliant view of a full projects scope and a great man at once you should go and get him.

Some of the Clients we have worked with